Nikken® NC Metallic

Deskripsi produk
Nikken Premium Automotive Refinish – TOP-CLASS, PREMIUM-QUALITY RESULTS. Offers you superlative product quality for solventborne basecoat/clearcoat systems. In the first place, it ensures first-class results, secondly, high profitability, and thirdly, ease of application. Basecoats feature optimum flow, very good levelling, colours of extreme purity, a magnificent finish quality and excellent surface hardness. Its low material consumption and short flash-off times are the benefits that make Nikken so cost-effective. Furthermore, it makes for ease of application – a result of the clearly-structured workflows and the great reliability of the neatly-dovetailing parts of the Classic System Ratio. And not to forget quick and accurate colour identification with the Nikken Color Profil System Metallic and ease of mixing due to the mixing ratio. Nikken is VOC-compliant as defined in EU Directive 2004/42/EC.

Surface Preparation
– Clean, and dry the surface from dirt, grime, and oil.
– Stir well Nikken Premium Automotive Refinish before adding thinner.
– For maximum results apply Nikken Epoxy Filler Grey/ White
– Apply Nikken Premium Automotive Refinish 2-3 coats to achieve optimum results
– For better glossy finish, apply Nikken PU Clear Gloss MS 4100

Technical Data
Reduce : 50-100% HG Thinner
Application: Spray or Brush
Spreading Rate: 7 – 9 m2/ litre/ coat
Overcoating Interval: 2 hours